Employee Recognition: Service Awards

Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 6, 2016—ZAI held our Annual Business Meeting today at the NRECA Conference Center in Ballston, VA. About 70 attendees attended the meeting with a central theme of Leadership Lessons. ZAI CEO, Mary Blevins, gave a presentation about ZAI’s roadmap for the coming year, and service awards were presented to those employees who have had work anniversaries in the last year. Congratulations to those who received awards.

10-Year Service Awards

  • Yaw Akuoko-Sarpong
  • Usman Baig
  • Miguel Cervantes
  • Mitzi Cole
  • Samuel Kitcher
  • Ngo Pau
  • William Smith

15-Year Service Award

  • Vivian Situ

20-Year Service Awards

  • Andrija Predic
  • Ratna Shakya

25-Year Service Award

  • Ravonda Anderson

30-Year Service Award

  • Peggy Hair