Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide customers with technology-enabled solutions and services focused on information, engineering, and process management with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

ZAI has been providing solutions and services to the Federal Government for more than four decades. From our start in 1977 to present day, we have continuously focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations. ZAI provides a broad array of services, with a focus on the effective management of information to enhance our customers’ ability to achieve their mission. From providing contact center services to clients and their customers, to managing records, libraries, information centers, and business process services and the IT systems used to support them, to complex support to the U.S. Navy submarine Fleet, our focus on quality and customer service spans our entire portfolio of services.

We’re an innovative information management and engineering company with Federal civilian and defense contracting experience. Our achievement of ISO 9001:2015 certification in quality management, along with being assessed at CMMI Level 3 for systems development, are indicative of the quality service our staff provides.  

Our long-standing history of repeat business with organizations like FDA, DOJ, and the U.S. Navy stems from a track record of successful performance in providing the subject matter expertise our clients require.

Whether you’re a records management professional looking for guidance on how to comply with NARA directives, or a Navy engineer spearheading a new submarine safety project, we can help. Our pool of more than 800 employees means you’ll always be matched with experienced, knowledgeable teams that possess the qualifications and security clearance levels necessary to work on projects of every scope and challenge.


Mary Blevins

Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board of Directors

Steven Bracci


Troy Taylor

Senior VP of Records, Libraries, and Information Management Practice

Eyal Blumstein

Senior VP of FDA Information and Records Management Practice

Jeff Frederick

Chief Information Officer

Carolyn Ryan

VP of Business Development

Barbara Wright

Director, Human Resources

Shawn McKern

Division Director, Navy Operations

Larry Stewart

Senior VP - Customer Advocate

Darion McNeill

Division Manager

Kelley Noone

Division Manager

Donald Sullivan

Division Manager

Mary Talley

Division Manager


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Business Partner

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