Success Stories

Here are a few examples of how our knowledgeable subject matter experts have helped agencies and organizations overcome challenges and meet their goals. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We’re very proud of our positive past performance ratings and excellent customer references.


Crawling for Compliance for FDA
On Budget, Ahead of Schedule Delivery for FDA OEEO
Promoting Rigor and Reproducibility in Alzheimer's Disease Research to Improve Efficacy in Finding Treatments and a Cure
Digitally Transformed Website Improves Productivity at NASA Goddard Library
Bringing ELVIS to the DoED to Improve Process and Increase Efficiency
Website Redesign Helps DOJ Automate and Reduce Shipping and Printing Costs
Processing Publications Backlog at National Library of Medicine in Record Time
Expanding and Supporting the Library of Congress World Digital Library
Optimizing Space and Accessibility While Downsizing FCC Library
QCA Application Assures Accountability for FDA Submissions
Streamlining Benefit Application Process For PBGC Improves Customer Experience
ZAI Contributes to Early, Within Budget Delivery of New Submarine with Highest Quality to-Date for Class
New Submarine Repair Tool For Navy Yields Efficiency and Cost Savings
Innovative Solutions
We leverage the latest technology to provide efficiency and cost-savings with innovation and smart people.