Federal Civilian Agencies

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

For over a quarter century, ZAI has operated multiple FDA Document Control Centers (DCCs), managing records relating to human and veterinary drugs, medical devices, food safety and cosmetics, and tobacco. As part of a joint venture company ZAI currently:

• Receives, sorts, and delivers 1.2 million pieces of mail

• Processes more than 135 of FDA’s submission types, extracts information, and performs complex data entry into 32 different FDA systems

Applicable service areas: Business Processing; Information Centers; IT systems; Records Management


Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC)

Since 2005, ZAI has operated PBGC’s Document and Records Management Center (DRMC), providing critical services to PBGC in its mission to trustee defined-benefit pension plans for out-of-business employers, and administer and make pension payments to plan participants.

Applicable service areas: Business Processing; Information Centers; Records Management


Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC)

Since 2014, ZAI has performed defined benefit pension administration, supporting PBGC in its mission to provide timely and uninterrupted payments of pension benefits to private sector employees who participate in pension plans that have been trusteed to PBGC through the pension insurance program as required by ERISA. As part of this work, ZAI validates and processes pension payments for the 813,000 participants that are in an active pay status.

Applicable service areas: Business Processing; Information Centers; Records Management


Department of Education (DoED)

As a primary subcontractor, ZAI supports the Department of Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), the world’s largest and most frequently used digital library of education resources. The library comprises more than 1.4 million bibliographic records and more than 450,000 full-text materials indexed from 1966 to the present. Each ERIC bibliographic record contains an abstract of a journal article or non-journal document (e.g., technical report, conference paper), along with indexed information such as author, title, and publication date. For ERIC, ZAI:

• Prepares document abstracts, selecting index terms, and managing the ERIC thesaurus containing 4,636 terms and 7,039 synonyms

• Adds approximately 4,000 new entries per month

Applicable service areas: Business Processing; Information Centers; Library Management


Department of Justice (DOJ) - Community Oriented Police Services

ZAI operates the DOJ Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) Response Center, providing a mission-critical service as the primary point of contact for COPS grantees, law enforcement officials, and the general public to obtain information about COPS grant programs and publications. The DOJ COPS Response Center provides person-to-person telephone interface and responds to correspondence and emails, providing assistance and answering inquiries about available legislative initiatives as related to funding opportunities and specific program requirements.

ZAI also stores and distributes COPS publications from our full-service Distribution Center located in Hanover, MD.

Applicable service areas: Business Processing; Information Centers; IT Systems


Department of Justice (DOJ) - Main Library, Robert F. Kennedy Justice Building

ZAI provides traditional library services for the Main Library of the Department of Justice at the Robert F. Kennedy Justice Building. It is a broad research facility with extensive legal and non-legal holdings. ZAI performs interlibrary loans, shelving, acquisitions support, periodicals check-in, catalog processing, circulation, ordering supplies, and document delivery.

Applicable service areas: Library Management


Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Library

ZAI maintains and improves the operation of the Library and its online components—the e-Library and the Online Computer Library Center Integrated Library System (ILS)—so that they retain their shared status as key providers of relevant, readily-available, and routinely-updated research and reference information needed by FCC employees to carry out the agency’s mission-critical functions.

Applicable service areas: Library Management


Government Publishing Office (GPO)

ZAI supports the Library Services and Content Management (LSCM) business unit with records management and library services, including acquiring, cataloging, and indexing US Government information products in tangible and electronic formats. This includes management of information records and technical support services to operate and maintain the Integrated Library System (ILS). ZAI also supports web content development for a number of websites built with the Joomla Content Management System.

Applicable service areas: Library Management; Records Management


Library of Congress (LC)

LC acquires 250,000+ items annually that require processing as the new materials are received. ZAI’s New Acquisition Processing (NAP) Project staff uses LC’s Voyager system and several of its other applications to process the materials into the Library. Each day, a required number of materials must be processed necessitating daily monitoring of staff production and determining the best use of staff. We utilize a ZAI-developed Automated Production Log (APL) system to monitor staff and team performance, determine the number of items processed daily, and monitor any backlog or bottlenecks in the workflow.

Applicable service areas: Business Processing; Library Management IT Systems


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Library

Since 2001, ZAI has provided the Goddard Library with both traditional library support and guided the development of Goddard’s digital library. ZAI provides comprehensive technical library services for the NASA Goddard Library:

• Supporting approximately 8,000 civil servant and contractor customers in the Goddard community

• Managing more than 175,000 books, journals, e-books/e-journals, DVDs/CDs, tapes, specifications, maps, and databases

ZAI has played a pivotal role in identifying and evaluating emerging technologies and guiding their implementation, moving the Goddard Library into a virtual environment with an emphasis on cost effectiveness and benefit for the entire Library community.

Applicable service areas: Information Centers; IT Systems; Library Management


National Institutes of Health (NIH)

ZAI supports the NIH, Office of Research Services (ORS) Division of Library Services (DLS) with quality library support services for more than 18,000 people, approximately one-third of whom are health professionals or research scientists engaged in cutting-edge clinical and basic scientific research. In addition to traditional library services, ZAI:

• Writes, edits, and proofreads new and existing web content to ensure it meets established content standards, including Section 508 compliance

• Maintains all content for the Library web presences, including social media outlets, and collaborates with internal and external IT staff to assess technical challenges in displaying content

• Develops custom information solutions for scientific collaborations between NIH institutes and other stakeholders

Applicable service areas: Information Centers; IT Systems; Library Management


National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute (NIH/NCI)

Since 1999, ZAI has been providing paralegal and records management support services to NCI for processing and managing regulatory technical and legal materials.

Applicable service areas: Business Processing; Records Management


US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) File Repository

ZAI has operated the PTO File Repository since 1998 as a fully integrated team partner with small businesses. The File Repository is a 350,000 square foot warehouse storing more than 10 million original patent and trademark files and their related papers. Patent and trademark examiners (both within and outside of PTO), as well as industry and the public, access the files to perform patent research about inventions typically for the purpose of applying for and/or approving new patent applications. Examiners for trademarks perform similar research. While these files are available online, there continues to be significant demand for the hard copy records due to the size and complexity of the files.

Applicable service areas: Business Processing; Records Management


US Mint Digital Archives

In the 15+ years that ZAI has worked on the Digital Archives Project (12 years as prime; currently as a sub to small business), we have:

• Led the design of the Mint’s digital repository

• Organized the set-up of the physical library

• Established preservation procedures and techniques

• Scanned an estimated 440,000 documents

ZAI worked hand-in-hand with the Mint’s Historian and its IT Division to design, develop, and create the Mint’s Digital Archives.

ZAI performs 508 remediation for non-compliant scanned images stored in the Mint’s Digital Repository, a process that can be time consuming. Processing files can take as long as two hours per file for handwritten materials to as little as 15 minutes for files with simple content or photographic images with provided captions. Digital images are cross-referenced in the database to allow both images and physical materials to be located within a single search.

Applicable service areas: Business Processing; Library Management; Records Management