Department of Defense

US Army

As a fully-integrated teaming partner with Diamond Solutions Inc., ZAI operates a call center for the Integrated Referral Management Appointing Center (IRMAC) to schedule medical appointments, validate insurance coverage, and provide medical referrals. The IRMAC call center supports the four primary DoD Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) in the National Capital Region (NCR). The call center handles calls from patients seeking medical appointments or referrals to medical specialists.

Applicable service areas: Business Processing; Information Centers


US Navy

ZAI has a decades-long relationship with the US Navy submarine program, providing a wide range of engineering and program management services, including technical document reviews, configuration management, ship and weapons support systems, and workflow management. Our program management support has helped the Navy enforce guidelines for safety and process across the Fleet.

We maintain ongoing relationships with OPNAV, PARMs, SUBMEPP, NUWC, Shipyards, TTF/TRF, the submarine community, and a variety of TYCOMs in order to provide the best support services possible. We coordinate between multiple Navy in-service and acquisition support organizations to strike a balance between overall program requirements and financial resources to ensure mission optimization.

Our work includes:

• Tracking and managing changes made to ship systems, including gathering data, developing final documention and attaining appropriate approval

• Creating an upper-level action item tracking system for management during the installation phase

• Reviewing Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) documentation for accuracy and impact on Fleet operations

• Training crews for new classes of submarines and maximizing productivity by developing and updating template-based packages

• Developing a system to track the construction of submarines, featuring search and retrieval of data relevant to both structure and components


Budget and Financial Administrative Support

We provide budget and financial support to the US military for Federal Agency Program Objectives Memorandum (POM) development, submission, and reporting. We also perform business case analyses to provide recommendations on reducing costs. Our teams use sound financial management practices and procedures to expedite and integrate multiple Fleet / OPNAV requirements.

Applicable service areas: Program Management & Engineering