Catholics for Choice (CFC)

CFC is a relatively small organization with fewer than 15 staff members that maintains a limited collection of books and a sizeable archival collection to support staff research. There is also a set of 70 organization publications that are disseminated to the public. ZAI provided support to organize the library, archives, and publication collections in a research center environment for a self-sufficient system that is easy to maintain and manage.

Applicable service areas: Library Management


The World Bank

ZAI provided full service library support to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Joint Library, which collects and makes available information published globally on the economic, political, and financial situations of countires, and core internation economics and poverty-related topics. Services provided included:

• Cataloging

• Indexing

• Document delivery

• Interlibrary loan (ILL)

• Customer service

• Reference support

• Circulation

• Collection maintenance (weeding, preservation, and re-shelving)


Additionally, ZAI provided records management services at the IMF headquarters building in Washington, DC. ZAI’s work included:

• Performing file inventories

• Identifying records series

• Determining records disposition actions based on retention rules

• Categorizing files based on the appropriate disposition actions

As part of the process, ZAI created physical boxes for file transfers, packed boxes, and staged packed boxes for transfer to offsite storage.

Applicable service areas: Library Management; Records Management