Larry Stewart

Senior VP - Customer Advocate

Mr. Stewart has more than 40 years of U.S. Navy contracting experience, including more than 36 years filling senior engineering and management positions. After joining ZAI in 1989, he  grew ZAI’s Engineering capabilities from one Naval Engineer to more than 100 US Navy Submarine Engineers. The highly diversified capabilities of Mr. Stewart’s hand-picked senior management team supports the U.S. Navy Submarine community on multiple contracts in all corners of the world where submarine engineering expertise is called for. As Senior VP - Customer Advocate, Mr. Stewart helps ensure the Engineering and Analysis Group's strategic and tactical plans align with the Navy's vision and needs, and are in the best interest of our Navy customer.

Mr. Stewart is a proud U.S. Navy veteran of many foreign deployments during his active years in the Navy and has dedicated his career to the Navy since entering civilian life. Prior to joining ZAI, Mr. Stewart held senior management positions with several defense contractors in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Mr. Stewart holds a BS in Technology and Management from the University of Maryland. He is an active supporter of the VFW, the America Legion, the Navy Submarine League and other Veteran-based support groups, including the Wounded Warriors.

In his free time, he enjoys writing and is a published author.